STARFLEET Academy Campus

Commandant’s Directorate

Commandant | General Jill Rayburn

Email | sfa-academy(at)


Vice Commandant | Rear Admiral Franklin Newman III

Email | sfa-academy-vice(at)


Course Development Contact | Rear Admiral Franklin Newman III

Email | cdc(at)



Support Staff

Coordinator, Support Services | Fleet Captain Kelli Caplette

Email | support(at)



Recognition Services

Chief, Recognition Services | Rear Admiral Franklin Newman III

Email | recognition(at)


Assistant Chief, Recognition Services | Admiral Carol Thompson

Email | recognition-vice(at)


Publication Services

Chief, Publication Services | Lieutenant Junior Grade Gerhard Pretorius

Email | monitor(at)


Graphics Artist | Marine Captain Joshua Shaw

Email | graphics(at)


Academic Department

Coordinator, Academic Services | Rear Admiral Cher Schleigh

Email | academics(at)


Institute of Alien Studies (IOAS)

Dean | Commodore Jill Tipton

Email | thegornacademy(at)


Assistant Dean | Commodore Josephine Fisher

Email | melora4861(at)

Institute of Alternative Medicine (IOAM)

Dean | Rear Admiral Cher Schleigh

Email | trekexams1(at)


Assistant Dean | Fleet Captain Chris Lynch

Email | Chris(at)

Institute of Cadet Services (IOCS)

Dean | Admiral Richard Hewitt

Email | caphewitt(at)


Assistant Dean | Vice Admiral Jamie Delantonas

Email | jamie1701(at)

Institute of Fantasy, Horror and the Supernatural (IOFHS)

Dean | Captain Cynthia Valdez

Email | cyndivampire2(at)


Assistant Dean | Admiral Debbie French

Email | charmedcollege(at)

Institute of Intelligence and Espionage (IOIE)

Dean | Lieutenant Chris Lovejoy

Email | sfa.collegeintelops(at)


Assistant Dean | Fleet Captain David Hines

Email | hinesdavid74(at)

Institute of International Studies (IOIS)

Dean | Commander Jeremy Taylor

Email | jeremy.taylor(at)


Assistant Dean | Fleet Captain David Hines

Email | hinesdavid74(at)


Institute of Leadership Studies (IOLS)

Dean | Rear Admiral Franklin Newman III

Email | FranklinNewman3(at)


Assistant Dean | Admiral Carol Thompson

Email | alaskahermit(at)

Institute of Medical Arts (IOMA)

Dean | Commander Dave Purks

Email | benthic.station(at)


Assistant Dean | Captain Kelli Caplette

Email | buttonball1(at)


Institute of Military Operations (IOMO)

Dean | Captain Kelli Caplette

Email | buttonball1(at)


Assistant Dean | Colonel Dominic Walsh

Email | mcfeargal(at)


Institute of Military Studies (IOMS)

Dean | Lieutenant General Bruce O’Brien

Email | jarheadinspace(at)


Assistant Dean | Admiral Richard Hewitt

Email | caphewitt(at)

Institute of Performing Arts and Entertainment (IOPE)

Dean | Vice Admiral Jamie Delantonas

Email | jamie1701(at)


Assistant Dean | General Jill Rayburn

Email |jazdansfa(at)

Institute of Police, Fire and Rescue (IOPFR)

Dean | Colonel S. Christopher Boggs

Email | ltcolboggssfmc(at)


Assistant Dean | Major General TJ Allen

Email | tjallen1(at)

Institute of Science (IOSC)

Dean | Fleet Captain Nancy Hall

Email | papyrus64(at)


Assistant Dean | Vacant


Institute of Science Fiction Entertainment (IOSFE)

Dean | Rear Admiral Jayden Tyronian

Assistant Dean | Admiral Carol Thompson

Email | iosfe(at)

Institute of Space Studies (IOSS)

Dean | Admiral Darlene Harper

Email | spaceflight59(at)


Assistant Dean | Vacant

Email | TBA

Institute of Star Trek Studies (IOSTS)

Dean | Vice Admiral Judy Waidlich

Email | trekkerqt2(at)


Assistant Dean | Rear Admiral Cher Schleigh

Email | trekexams1(at)

Institute of Technology (IOTK)

Dean | Fleet Captain Donald Dobrin

Email | dstypalace(at)


Assistant Dean | Dawn Shaw

Email | 2girlsw5dogs(at)

Institute of the Arts (IOTA)

Dean | Commodore Denise Rush

Email | galaxygoddess (at)


Assistant Dean | Bruce Crews

 Email | Email | bwc78837(at)